X-Ray / MRI / CT SCAN / Bone Densitometry

Dr. Marzo frequently uses x-ray to help in the diagnosis and treatment of peoples complaints. It is not his policy to x-ray every patient.. The need is determined based on age, medical history, cause of injury and physical exam findings. As a licensed chiropractor, he has passed a rigorous radiology examination and has an additional 18 years practical clinical experience.

MRI or CT scans are also used, although much less frequently, to assist in proper diagnosis and treatment. They are often required when there has been some trauma such as a motor vehicle accident, work related injury or serious sports injury. Dr. Marzo works closely with a number of area hospitals and radiological centers that perform these procedures.

Bone density testing is also used with the appropriate patients to assist is diagnosing osteoporosis. It is critical to diagnose this condition of low bone density, or "brittle bones", in order to apply the safest and most effective treatment. This test is most critical for women over 50 years old.

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