Patient's Reveal Their Stories

"I started seeing Dr. Marzo about 6 months ago for chronic headaches that I thought were all from allergies and sinus trouble, that's what I had been told. I had been to my internist and was taking a lot of sinus medication and advil and using a lot of nasal sprays. The medications gave me relief sometimes but not for very long. I still couldn't do all the things in life I wanted to because of my pain. My husband had been to see Dr. Marzo not too long ago and convinced me to go for an evaluation." "&Dr. Marzo examined me thoroughly and asked a lot of questions. Then we sat together and he described what he found and what he could do for me" " After only 7 or 8 visits I had no more headaches. I didn't have to take the medications anymore and could finally do all the things I was missing out on. I can accomplish so much more. My sinus and allergies seemed to be so much better too." 'I really feel like Dr. Marzo took the time to know me and is in tune with what I need. It is very important to me that I feel I can call his office at any time and he will talk to me or see me ASAP. I never feel like Gail..." (the office manager) "...is brushing me off or doesn't have time for me." " My overall quality of life has improved thanks to Dr. Marzo and his staff."

-Joanne Caratura

"Having been treated by a chiropractor several years ago due to a car accident, I had my doubts because I received little to no results. As the years past on, the pain became chronic and I needed to do something. A relative suggested Dr. Marzo and the Pro-Adjuster technology. After my very first treatment I felt improvement. Within a month I was doing things pain free. Improved flexibility, no more headaches or back pain, improved posture, overall I give the treatment an A+. Thanks Doc.

PS: My wife and son also love the new me!

-Michael Corris

"From an overall point of view I feel this practice (Pinnacle Wellness) has been great because I am not having to take any pain medication anymore." " I can do more of my housework and feel I can go more places which I couldn't before. Especially watching my grandchildren."

-Halina Bennett

"I prefer the Pro-Adjuster to hand adjustments because I feel better longer. The effects last longer. It's more comfortable during adjustments too."

-June Wingerter

"I've been having chiropractic care with Dr. Marzo now for several years, both manual adjustments and with the Pro Adjuster. While after adjustments I feel great, I believe the Pro Adjuster is a more comfortable system than manual, and much less strenuous."

-John O'Connel

"I became a patient because of a lot of back pain that interfered with my daily activities. I had to spend 2-3 days on the floor / pills etc. Your service gave me my life back. I can get out of bed without feeling like I might fall on the floor. I can pursue playful activities with my kids, and sports which I enjoy like hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, etc. It was outstanding service and attention when a person is beaten down with pain."

-Bill L.- Matawan

"...I was constantly taking advil and motrin. The maximum doses would only get me short relief and the headaches always came back." "...Some one told me Dr. Marzo can help. So I gave it a try. My headaches are gone!..." "The pain use to be a huge distraction to every day life and my job as a kindergarten teacher. Now my days are so much more productive without focusing on headaches and pain every day."

-Tara H

"I find Dr. Marzo to be very informative, and his treatments to be very effective. His office is well-run, and I never feel crowded or rushed when visiting the office. I do however leave the office feeling better and more comfortable, and my quality of life has improved enormously." "This treatment has enabled me to resume daily activities like shopping, exercising and just relaxing around the house without the pain."

-Frank Fitzpatrick

"I think the Pro Adjuster has improved my quality of life, after the first few adjustments being able to move and turn my neck without feeling any pain is wonderful. And Dr. Marzo makes me feel very comfortable."

-Wanda B.

"The pain was severe, very intense, from my neck into my head. It became increasingly difficult to drive and focus on any activities. I really thought I had a brain tumor. I had extensive testing by my neurosurgeon, MRI, CAT scans, myelogram.." " I tried a surgical collar, medications and several weeks of physical therapy, all to no avail. I was told surgery was not a guarantee and felt I was left to live with it." "I was fortunate enough to have a family member suggest I see Dr. Marzo. I asked my neurosurgeon and his answer was "try it". After just a few visits, I found progress." "Now I can function without the constant pain...definitely the right way to go."

-Gladys Wilson

"I'm in a much better frame of mind and can enjoy outdoor activities with my family. I have a better energy level and can enjoy the daily routines of life whether it's house cleaning or taking the kids to soccer practice. "

"I'm very happy with the treatment and benefits I am receiving. Dr. Marzo is very understanding and easy to talk to."

-Lisa D.

"When I first came in I could hardly walk upright. Since undergoing the treatments, I can walk, sit and stand without pain. I first came in because of my back I continued for chronic headache. My headaches have reduced. I'm able to study my concentration has improved and I feel more like getting out and visiting friends. Dr. Marzo is a caring physician that administers the right treatment for the welfare of his patients."

-Rodger Padgett

"I had gone to a chiropractor years ago and had a bad experience so I was hesitant to try it again but I'm glad I did. Dr. Marzo has been a great help for my health. From the very first appointment I felt a difference in my neck and my headaches decreased immensely. I no longer have headaches. I can't believe it! I save money because I don't have to buy aspirins anymore."

-Carrianne Dugan

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Please note all patient stories are true and exact and all have signed authorizations for their use.

    Dr. Jones is wonderful and so is his staff. I would recommend him to anyone.


    Dr. Smith is the best! She took the time to learn about me as a person not just a patient.


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