Flexion Traction Disc Treatment

Flexion Traction Manipulation

Flexion traction manipulation is a technique that is ideal for problems with the discs of the lower back, or lumbar spine. The technique requires a specialized treatment table that enables the doctor to mobilize segments of the lower back in a very particular way.

Once the patient is properly positioned on the flexion traction table the doctor can move the table in a manner that stretches or tractions the spine while also slightly flexing it. It adds movement and traction at the same time to uniquely manipulate the discs and "inter vertebral" joints gently and effectively. This unique mobilization is a well researched and effective treatment particularly for disc herniations and degenerative disc disease (arthritis) of the lower back.

When the patients pain level is reduced and mobility starts to increase the doctor will incorporate exercises to continue the healing and strengthening process. Often times, flexion traction combined with McKenzie extension exercises provides tremendous relief.

Dr. Marzo has 14 years of experience providing flexion traction for patients with disc herniation and degenerative disc disease. Although it is not effective for all cases, many patients find it extremely beneficial. Call to schedule and exam and treatment trial to see if it is right for you, 732-566-8700.

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