Custom Foot Orthotics

An 'orthotic' is a custom inner sole ( not an orthopedic shoe) designed to restore your natural foot function and support. And, because your foot is the foundation for the rest of your body it can have far reaching effects. Just as a crooked foundation under a house causes all kinds of problems throughout the house.

Go to our reports section for our FREE revealing report and discover if this may be a key to your injuries and pain. Also learn about the cutting edge computer scanners used at Pinnacle Wellness to evaluate the feet.

"I had back pain. It was painful to compete in sports and then even while resting it would be painful. With the orthotics and Dr. Marzo's care I have no more back pain. I now go to Ithaca College. It's on a mountain and my dorm is at the top and my classes are at the bottom - I would not be able to do the trek 3-5 times a day without wearing my orthotics!"- Siobhan C., patient

For additional information go to our reports section and we would be happy to provide more details.

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